Discover the Triglav National Park

Tour description

Let's go on an adventure at the border triangle! We start from Lerchenhof in the direction of Villach along the Carnic Alps and cross it over the Wurzenpass - and here we are with our Slovenian neighbours. From Kranjska Gora we dive into the beautiful Triglav National Park in the direction of Bovec. Slovenia's only national park is located in the Julian Alps and is a true paradise for outdoor fans with its numerous lakes, gorges and waters and picturesque mountain peaks. "Packed with wonderful impressions of the green landscape, we cross the Uccea Pass towards Italy to the next national park - the "Parco Naturale delle Prealpi Giulio". Now we return to Pontebba and cross the Nassfeldpass (Passo di Pramollo) back to Lerchenhof.

Tour course

Hotel Castle Lerchenhof (Hermagor) – Pressegger See – St. Paul – Arnoldstein – Radendorf – Wurzenpass (1073m) - Slovenian border

Podkoren – Kranjska Gora – „Triglav Nationalpark“ – Vrsic (1611) – Trenta – Bovec – Log Cezsoški - Italian border

Uccea – Sella Carnizza (1092) – Resia – Resiutta – Moggio Udinese – Sella Cereschiatis (1066) – Pontebba – Nassfeldpass (1552m) - Austrian border

Tröpolach – Hermagor – Hotel Castle Lerchenhof (Hermagor)

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